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Meet the Misfits

We chose the name Misfits because we would often joke that the foster kittens we took in were the misfits, the underdogs. Caliopi loved them all, she was a misfit herself, with her brothers. They were very scrawny sick kittens from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles. Just a trio among a lot of other kittens euth listed at the time. When they arrived to us, we quickly realized that they were more than we were prepared for but we fell in love with them instantly. We worked with other more experienced fosters so that we could learn all we could quickly to try and save these kittens. Which, we did and grew more attached to them along the way. They were our first emaciated kittens, our first flea anemic kittens, our first URI kittens, and also became part of our first ringworm experience.

IMG-0018 (1).jpg

We, Austin & Carla, have been rescuing for as long as we have been together! Nearly a decade we have spent fostering and volunteering with rescues for dogs and cats! Cats we have heavily fostered and that is definitely where our skill set lies. We absolutely love giving the underdogs a chance at another life. Seeing kittens, like our original misfit trio, thrive and be adopted is the absolute best feeling. We decided to go ahead and dive all in by creating our own rescue. We hope to be able to continue to make a difference and be able to grow with others who share our vision.

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