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TNR - Trap Neuter Return

One of the biggest ways to help cats in your community is to practice TNR - Trap Neuter Return. This is the most humane method of controlling the cat population. It also means less kittens will be born to sick community/feral cats, thus preventing more suffering on the streets.

What is TNR?

This practice is where a trap is set for community/feral cats. They are then taken to a vet for a spay/neuter appointment and basic vetting, then allow the cats some recovery time (a day or two), then return them to their home territory! Each cat will have a “tipped” ear like some of our colony cats pictured are sporting. This is the universal symbol of a spayed/neutered community cat.

Why should we TNR?

This will reduce the number of cats killed in shelters by keeping feral cats out of animal shelters. Not only that, but having them spayed/neutered will reduce nuisance behaviors like: fighting, marking, howling and roaming. All of this does improve the health of the cats and hopefully makes them more acceptable in neighborhoods!

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