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Donate to the Misfits

Thank you for stopping by our donation page. Cali's Misfits is ran 100% on donations. Your donation is what keeps out cats happy, healthy, and fed. Donations help pay for heath care, vetting and medications. We are operated by volunteers that don't get paid for the amazing work they do for our cats. If you wish to support us and our cats, you can find the many ways to do so below.

The easiest and the most effective way you can help and support the misfits is with a monetary donation. Below are links to where you can donate via PayPal or Venmo.

Don't wish to give money, but you still want to help out? We wont say no to some physical gifts and donations. Below are our Chewy and Amazon wish lists.

Make checks payable to Cali's Misfits, and mail to:

Cali's Misfits

P.O. Box 5094

Santa Ana, CA 92704

Send corporate inquiries to

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