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Great ways to beat the heat!

Holy heck guys has it been hot out there! I hope y’all are staying cool and staying hydrated. But just as important, how about your pets? Because imagine wearing a fur coat right now! Hard Pass. Nothing beats air conditioning, but not all of us have been blessed with A/C.

Let’s talk about a couple of ways we can help keep your kitty cool in this heat!

First, cooling mats. I just found out about these things, and boy do the cats love them. We got three and they’re always, and currently, occupied. The ones we got we found off of amazon and we’ll include the link. Cooling mats are simple to use, lay out where the cat usually lays; and done. The cat will figure it out from there. Bonus points – they are easy to wash!

Next, water fountains. Water fountains are an absolute must for any kitty, heat or not. But we’re gonna talk about an unintended benefit to the fountain. Running water has a cooling effect and if you pair that up with a water fountain with a metal reservoir, kitties will snuggle right up to cool off, and water is readily available!

"'The link below is where you can purchase the very same cooling pad that we use and love. Any purchase from the link below does donate a small amount to the misfits.

Water Fountain -

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